Tag: Weapon


  • Bonechill

    Bonechill is the sword and symbol of office for the Lord of Whitegate. It currently belongs to Lord Beck Dorset. It is made of white moonsteel, so is tough and light, making it very fast. Until recently, it has spent the last several hundred years in …

  • Stampede

    Stampede is a two handed black moonsteel war hammer, engraved with rampaging horses. It is currently in possession of the Lord of the Reach, Lord Brian Dorset.

  • The Black Spear

    The Black Spear is the symbol of the newly appointed nobility of House Blackspear. The current Praetor of the house is Aeustinius Blackspear. It was crafted by the best smiths in the kingdom, and one of the first weapons of its kind to be created in two …