Sir Florinus, Knight of the Rose

A strong and handsome Solomnic Knight. He dresses often in his ceremonial plate and greatsword, adorned in roses.


Brother Florinus used to be the second son of Lord Bruchard before being handed over to the Order. He spent the majority of life in the service of the Solomnic Brotherhood, adopting their tenants and training. During the Succession Wars, he noticed something peculiar and troubling. After then he has been a staunch conservative member of the Knights of the Rose. He is particularly strict on the Tenant of Marital Duty, watching closely the noble couples he marries to make sure that they are upholding their oaths. Being conservative doesn’t mean that he is hard nosed or unapproachable.

He is a little more than middle aged, weathered and strong. He is pleasant, but reserved, and easy to talk to. He is non-judgemental in conversation, but strict on judicial punishment.

Sir Florinus, Knight of the Rose

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