Aetius, Clan Strabog Warleader

A wolvar tribesman, dressed in a combined livery of his tribe. He is mailed with symbols of the Creator adorning his armor.


Aetius is average size for a Wolvar, which slightly towers over average man. He is strong, tough, and wise. His fur is braided in places with bits of copper and brass from his tribe. It is often gray, with a darker and blacker stripe towards the spine. Aetius often carries twin longswords, their pommels etched in the symbol of the Creator.

Aetius was sent away as a youth and traveled north towards the Dominion. He turned himself over to a monastary for training and education, working his way towards priesthood. There he found the legends of the Chalice of Transformation and how it could cure those members of his tribe that wanted cures for their animal instincts. Before his training was finished, he returned to his tribe and enlisted Hrolth Storm-Bringer to his cause. The shaman explained to members of the tribe and many followed Aetius looking for the Chalice.

Having a good lead, Aetius sent his brother, Jarlmund Shield-breaker, and some tribesman to the small Union town of Deadbrush, while he and others headed south.

Aetius recently found out about his brother’s death from defeated captives. Finding common cause, he traveled along side Alex Black Sun towards a small Florent town where they found the Chalice long gone, purchased by the Man in Black.

Aetius, Clan Strabog Warleader

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